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Knowledge of Tibetan carpets
Qinghai—the Cradle of Tibetan carpets
  Issues the time:2008/2/28   Altogether reading:2520time  

The natural environment of snowy plateau, Tibetan's pious religious belief as well as the plateau person's unique character, endows the Tibetan carpet well preserved original, and natural style, which make the Tibetan carpet outstanding in the world carpet family. Among the export of Tibetan carpet from China, Qinghai Tibetan carpets occupied 90% share. Qinghai Tibetan carpet is marching towards the world in large strides, and paved a wide road for the development of Qinghai economy.

Tibetan carpet is a international product. It originates from China, explored and developed by the Tibetan people lived on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau in ancient times. According to the historical records, Tibetan carpet production has several thousands years of history. In 1959, lots of yarn spinning wheel of 10th century unearthed in the site of Nuomuhong’talitaliha, among them, a piece of color woolen mat is recognized as the earliest woolen mat by today , and is the rudiment of handmade Tibetan carpets of 2000 years ago, as well as the ancestor of today’s Tibetan carpets.

Qinghai, like Tibet, belongs to the Tibet culture circle. It is one of the main cradles of Tibetan carpets, and has long history of production and usage Tibetan carpets.As per the historical records, in Qianlong year Qing Dynasty, the lama from Qing- Tibet plateau came to Beijing for sightseeing and offered Tibetan carpets to emperor as valuable gifts, which was favored by the emperor a lot. In the late Qing Dynasty, QingHai Tibetan carpets got developed further. In the following-up hundred years, the Jiaya Tibetan village i n Huangzhong county of Qinghai became famous professional village of Tibetan carpets. In 1913, vocational schools were established and wove Tibetan carpets with the villagers together. All the village women were capable of twisting yarn and weaving carpets and their products are fancy and exquisite. At that time, the yearly sale could reach over 6000 pcs in Huangzhong county and Wuwei of Gansu, etc. With the transaction of commodities and trade development, Tibetan carpet technique came to Gansu, and nearby places gradually. From 1955 to 1993, Qinghai carpet industry got fast development and the leading product is 90L Close-back Woolen carpet. The peak year is 1993, during which time 950,000 square meters was exported. Then, it withdrew from the market gradually, move over to Tibetan carpet.

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